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(stamped...) Nov 29, 2003 & 12:27 am

mood;   busy

hey guys..

it's been ages since i posted. i have been so busy with class that it isn't even right. so i am going to go ahead and leave the community. if i haven't been removed already. take care of yourselves and its been real.
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Nov 21, 2003 & 12:50 pm

um this is me

i got a new journal

please readd me


Oct 31, 2003 & 04:05 pm

I'm leaving the community.


(stampy-poo-ed) Oct 29, 2003 & 01:37 am

Ah havne't posted in this one in a while
Sorry kids, I've been busy..

but heres my camwhore pics for the day...
I'm in San Diego and I donno if it's national yet but we are having crazy wicked fires out here and all the school are closed and a few towns got flattened and everyone here now has lung cancer *sorry I say it nonchalauntly*... yeah I know thats spelled wrong... but we've been dealing with it all week and I'll only tell you if you want to know cause this is POST PICS not SOB STORYS community...
anyway I was at work... and no one has been coming for lessons (I'm a drum teacher) because so many of my students have been evacuated but I wasn't going to hang out at home and watch the fire come closer so I decided to camwhore it up in my teaching studio... here ya go!
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If you want to see or hear about the fire I have pics and stories

Oct 28, 2003 & 04:47 pm

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(STAMPED) Oct 26, 2003 & 03:23 pm

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(GONE) Oct 19, 2003 & 03:45 pm

mood;   tired

Haven't been around lately, but yeh...I've lost interest in this community. Also some things have happened and rules have been made that I don't really agree with's been kinda fun while it lasted, but all things come to an end.


Oct 11, 2003 & 07:36 pm

mood;   amused

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Oct 06, 2003 & 02:14 pm


this time its a rate me community

********** ********** uniqueskitzo********** **********

(stamped. heyy<3) Oct 05, 2003 & 10:08 pm

i accidentally took you guys off my members list thinking it was a different community. but youre definitely back (well.. actually.. i am...)

the two loves of my life.

My Violin, and My Cat
and me in some really tacky yellow earings that will make you all become horrified but i think theyre really cute (i know, i know)

the children asked them if to kill was not a sinCollapse )
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(from first to last) Oct 05, 2003 & 12:35 pm

mood;   pissed off

wow, im out. this is dead anyway.

oh yeah, i just wanted to say to _so_pimp (amanda i think?): i used to think you were nice, but now i really dont. i think its pretty rude that you gave one of your fellow uberbitches a no at wings_unfurled. just for the simple fact that we're supposed to be friends here. and you willingly joined our community, showing that you wanted to be part of something that included the girl you voted NO for at the other community. i hope i see you around sometime and get the chance to stab you in the back just like that.

to you others, later. comment in my journal to be added if youre not already.
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(New) Oct 05, 2003 & 02:18 am

1. Name: Brooke
2. Age: 15
3. Location: Virginia
4. What school do you attend? Forest Park High
-if in college, what's your major and what do you plan to do with that? I wanna be a graphic designer, or a phycologist ( I like to get inside peopls heads)
5. what has been your biggest accomplishment so far? well it might not be important to some people, but to me making my varsity rowing team as a freshmen was an accomplishment.. nothin else in my life made me feel accomplished..or I cant think of it now
6. What's your favorite movie/tv show and why? I like to watch lifetime television for women.. good chick flicks go ahead make fun of me lol :D
7. Name 5 of your favorite bands/songs: Evanessence (going under, october, anywhere, all of the songs) some linkin park when Im mad, nirvana, dashboard confessional (hands down), I have all kinds of music tastes it just depends
8. How do others see you? as in, do they see you as outgoing, shy, whatever- I can be outgoing, I can be shy it all depends on how I feel, and who would I know who others see me? thats how THEY see me not how I see me.. lol
9. If you could meet anoyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why? hmm anyone huh, I dunno, would anyone wanna meet me?
10. What do you like to do in your spare time? well I dont have alot of spare time lately, but when I do I like to wind down, listen to music, and drink hot tea (which not alot o people like)
11. What is a current issue in the news that intrests you?: news, letsee, probably all the killing, doesnt anyone have any respect for human life?
12. What words instantly make you laugh or at least smile?: the word "Potatoe" I dunno gets me everytime im so dumb
13. Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender?: lol no I dont wanna be a guy, but some times I wish I knew what the hell is going through their minds!!
14. Do you prefer getting to know someone first before dating them or going in "blind"?: Id like to know them first, take it slow, know that im not wasting my time on someone who's only lookin to get some
15. Would you like to be cloned? why or why not?: Hmmm cloned.. that might not be safe... I dont think people could handle 2 of me
16. Why do you want to be part of "uberbitches"?": I have this inner bitch screaming to get out, not to mention connecting with bitches like me
17. Who referred you?: me myself and I?
18. Tell us something interesting about yourself:
If I get stamped Ill spill my guts :oD

Not the best pics, but work with me
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Oct 04, 2003 & 01:25 pm

New music communtity, PLEASE join!



(stamped) Oct 04, 2003 & 02:44 am

stamped and x-posted

this is lustrous_eyes, in case none of you saw my post earlier
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(stamped) Oct 03, 2003 & 08:55 pm

hey, this is lustrous_eyes.
i just made this new user name and rejoined
if you could just switch my membership over to this journal (_so_pimp) it would be greatly appreciated


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