.amanda♡ (_so_pimp) wrote in uberbitches,

stamped. heyy<3

i accidentally took you guys off my members list thinking it was a different community. but youre definitely back (well.. actually.. i am...)

the two loves of my life.

My Violin, and My Cat
and me in some really tacky yellow earings that will make you all become horrified but i think theyre really cute (i know, i know)

<333 shes not fat. she was just bunched up

these are the most tacky earings you will ever see. its about as long island as you can get. i felt the need to put them on and take a some pictures. my cat is in every picture. that makes it so much more perfect. hah<3

and P.S. this is certainly not my bedroom. my room is under massive renovation and whatnot, so right now i moved my computer and some of my stuff into the basement office and sometimes i sleep on the bed in there. sometimes i dont.

my pictures are repetetive, always have been, and will almost always be. thats just how this story goes kids<3
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