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Ah havne't posted in this one in a while
Sorry kids, I've been busy..

but heres my camwhore pics for the day...
I'm in San Diego and I donno if it's national yet but we are having crazy wicked fires out here and all the school are closed and a few towns got flattened and everyone here now has lung cancer *sorry I say it nonchalauntly*... yeah I know thats spelled wrong... but we've been dealing with it all week and I'll only tell you if you want to know cause this is POST PICS not SOB STORYS community...
anyway I was at work... and no one has been coming for lessons (I'm a drum teacher) because so many of my students have been evacuated but I wasn't going to hang out at home and watch the fire come closer so I decided to camwhore it up in my teaching studio... here ya go!

Whos says glasses can't be sexy?

My impresison of the fire (pick one.. theres 14 right now)

It makes everything look like the sepia filter got switched on. It covers everything but although it's a naturally bad thing it tries its best to be sexy. :)

How the fire sees me.

Random B&Ws

Too bad my nose is so big.. I might think I was sexay!

Animated emotion stuff...

Where are all my students?

This is what we all look like in San Diego right now... robbers. Bandanas aren't excessories right now... they are our filters from the snowing ash. EVERYONE is all of San Diego is getting ashed on.

I haven't had any students for 2 hours... kill me!

If you want to see or hear about the fire I have pics and stories
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