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Oct 01, 2003 & 08:14 pm

Hi. You all are immature. This isn't fun anymore. Bye.

Sep 30, 2003 & 05:34 pm

New journal.


Add it to the list please!

(stamped) Sep 29, 2003 & 02:37 pm

This community started out as something fun and it was a lot of fun for awhile but I have to say that the whole rating community thing has lost it's flavor for me. I don't find them fun anymore and I really don't have time for anything like that. This place is sort of dead anyway but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm out:) it's been fun but now it's time to move on.

Sarah & Beth- leave me your email addresses so that I can email you the password to this place...feel free to change it and take me off as mod:)

later, guys<33
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Sep 29, 2003 & 01:25 pm
yeah, im busy. im leaving

(stamped!) Sep 28, 2003 & 08:44 pm

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(stamped) Sep 28, 2003 & 03:34 am
mood;   amused


(Happy Birthday, Beth!) Sep 26, 2003 & 11:55 pm

mood;   geeky

A special happy birthday to a very special girl:


Sep 25, 2003 & 04:53 am

look i just want to appologies for not posting lately or saying anything...

a really good friend of mine was murdered and im not doin all that great.. i'll prolly be gone fer a bit longer so dont delete me please..
i'll be back asap.
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(it seems like a disease) Sep 24, 2003 & 08:43 am

well, it appears i'm not the only one who has just had their dad pass away. my dad died on the 8th, explaining partially why i haven't been around. the other part is due to the fact that i have no power! i had hurricane isabel rip through my neighborhood last week... so i have to update from school, what fun. anyways... hope all of you are doing well! and i'll try to be back as often as i can.

<3 * (nicole)

ps. - sorry this is text only, i have nothing to upload and post *sad face*

(*schtamped*) Sep 23, 2003 & 08:15 am

mood;   hungry


(When You Say My Name.) Sep 22, 2003 & 09:02 pm

I am not Beth.
Beth is a girl with cooties.
If I were alone in a room with Beth, I would prob4bly lyke di3. I mean lyke, OMGz, itz Bethz0rz!
I think Beth should learn how to salsa dance.
Beth needs 12 C.C.'s of Pantene Pro-V in her stomach. Stat!
Beth will never ride a monkey to the store to buy a box of condoms, whilst eating a slice of cake.
I want to throw pies at Beth.
Beth can eat my pie that I baked her.
When I think about Beth, I write emo poems, read Catcher In The Rye and dry my emo tears with the sleeve of my grey emo sweater.

Now everyone do the same! But with me!
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(stamedness) Sep 22, 2003 & 07:04 pm


(stamped/new theme) Sep 22, 2003 & 05:45 pm

mood;   bored

I ____ Beth.
Beth is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Beth, I would _______.
I think Beth should _____.
Beth needs ______.
Beth will never ______.
I want to _________ Beth.
Beth can ____my ____.
When I think about Beth, I ____.

fill in the blanks as needed.

(stamped) Sep 22, 2003 & 04:13 pm

mood;   relaxed

Hey everyone. I can't say that I've gotten to know any of you though I'd like to. I haven't been around to participate in the community because my father passed away on the 10th. Now that my life is starting to get back to normal I'll put more time into the community.

Always remember..

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(STAMPED**) Sep 22, 2003 & 12:44 pm
mood;   sick

very x-posted...

i'm home sick. this is last night, right before i thought i was going to die or something, hah
don't look if you're not interested.
&don't look if my pictures bother you
..i tend to post pictures often

don't mind that i'm somewhat blue... i only had one set of the overhead lights on (there are 2 sets of high-hats [my father heads an electrical company, what can i say] so the lighting is scatterd) so im a little tinted. theyre definitely not photoshopped though.

some NyQuil would do wonders, im sureCollapse )
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